New York History Books

  1. Year of the Hangman, Glen F. Williams, 2005 Table of Contents
  2. Roads to Oriskany, Gil Herkimer, 1996
  3. The Burning of the Valleys, Gavin K. Watt, 1997
  4. Rebellion in the Mohawk Valley, Gavin K. Watt, 2002
  5. The King's Rangers, John Brick, 1954
  6. Fort Stanwix, Construction and Military History, John F. Luzader, 2001
  7. The Continential Army, Robert K. Wright, 1983
  8. Soldiers of the Revolutionary War, Stuart Reid and Marko Zlatich, 2002
  9. War Along the Niagara, R. Arthur Bowler
  10. Casemates and Cannonballs, Lee Hanson and Dick Ping Hsu, 1975
  11. The Fate of a Nation, William P. Cumming and High Rankin, 1975
  12. The Divided Nation, Alan Taylor, 2006
  13. Locating your Revolutionary War Ancestor, James C. Neagles and Lila L. Neagles, 1983
  14. Gateway to Freedom, The American Revolution on the Northern Frontier, Allan D. Foote, and Geoffrey Storm, 2005
  15. Colonial American Troops 1610 - 1774, Rene Chartrand, 2002
  16. Wilderness Empire, Allan Eckert, 1969
  17. Bloody Mohawk, The French and Indian War & American Revolution on New York's Frontier, Richard Berleth, 2010
  18. A Time of Terror, The Story of Colonel Jacob Klock's Regiment and the people they protected, Joyce Berry, 2005
  19. Spanish John, Being a Narrative of the Early Life of Colonel John McDonnell of Scotus, John McDonnell, 1993 Table of Contents
  20. The Flockey, 13 August 1777, The Defeat of the Tory uprising in the Schoharie Valley, Gavin K. Watt, 2002

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